So, after many (and I mean many) attempts to get this blog going I finally decided to take action and make it a reality. Yeah!

My hope for this blog is to follow in the direction of one of my favorite quotes…I hope to inspire others and to someday meet someone who can say,”Because of you I didn’t give up”.

So here goes…….

The first big challenge as I began to brainstorm about what I would be sharing with you here was deciding where in my story I was going to start from. I could start in the beginning and show the years of struggle I faced as an obese child/adult. I could describe how just exactly I continued my emotional eating into adulthood to cope with every emotion that entered my day. Or maybe I could start in my moments of shining success after losing 85 pounds and feeling sexy for the first time in my life. Man, I felt awesome! I felt free! Not to mention becoming an athlete in the process, running almost 200 running races. Wow! All that shinny race bling! But that didn’t feel right either. It didn’t feel genuine enough to be honest. But if not either of those places then where?

It finally hit me today like a TON of bricks! I will start from here! To be honest as I scrolled FB catching up on the days happenings pretty quickly I saw love, frustration, hurt, slip ups and back tracks. I saw friends who are experiencing the very happiest moments and the most tragic all at the same time. It made me realize that I have not gone through this journey only to add value to my life. It would be a crime to not share it. To honor the people that have been in my corner from day #1.

So where am I now? Well I’m kinda in the middle of the two places I mentioned above. I am on a mission to not only find myself but lead others along the way. When I started all this I was TOTALLY lost on how to change my life about 4 years ago and I wished for someone who could be brutally honest about the challenges and the blessings that would come from the journey that lay ahead of me but honestly, I didn’t find anyone like that. Let’s just say that I quickly became a student of everything I could learn. I think that GOD intended it that way. Simply because I tend to be a paint by number kind of person. If you give me the the blueprint, I’ll follow it. But I know that he knew that I would miss out on the beauty of the struggle. In the process I got bumped and bruised along the way and learned enough to get me where I am now.

In 2015, I decided that it wasn’t enough to do this for myself , I needed to learn more skills and other venues where I could teach and mentor others through their Health starting line. That’s when I decided to become a BOSS BABE (definition: a girl boss) over night by becoming a product partner with the company that made a huge difference in my health and then secondly in 2016 I became a Certified Transformational Health Coach.

This journey definitely has not turned out the way that I thought it would in so many positive and surprising ways. I never imagined digging this deep into myself and the human experience. I look forward to this journey of transformation and no it may not always be so serious the next time you drop by:) I will probably be going on and on about some meal prep tip or what workout clothes are best to avoid chaffing:) But that’s what makes this whole journey of life transformation beautiful, it has so many different facets!

xoxo, CarolBee (My family nickname and inspiration for this blog)