Weight gain after big losses? I know that this is a loaded topic but hey! I’m not gonna sugar coat it! It’s a huge topic in the weight loss world. The crazy thing is this is something that during those “glory days” after my 85 pound loss that I mistakenly told myself  I’d never face. CRAZY!

As I started my journey I looked up to a lot of folks in the “weight loss world.” People like the Biggest Loser Contestants I watched on television every week, fitness and weight loss bloggers, people I knew in the running community that experienced a weight transformation and of course the before /after pages on Pinterest. I know! Its silly. But I had never experienced a transformation for myself and I wanted to see what it looked like from wherever I could find it. I wanted to see loose skin, flat abs, meal preps, smaller clothes, crazy workouts! All of it!

What I discovered over and over was that people did gain some amount of weight back eventually, but it varied. Some slid back to the beginning and others didn’t. The thing is it never phased me to wonder why there was so many variances in between but after a year of business building and working as a night shift nurse (my other career) I was smacked directly in the thighs with my weight gain. I can’t say that I was surprised but it was still hard to swallow seeing picks from a few months prior where I was in my fittest shape.

So Now What???

Well, after a good dose of self pity, I realized that there is no true finish line! I realized that my weight loss idols experienced this too and lived through it (insert some reality talk to myself) so I picked myself up by my yoga pants and got back to work. Back to working towards my healthiest self! In every sense of the word.  Back to meal prepping, meditation, drinking lots of water, lifting weights and running again.  Back to all the things that make me feel like the best woman, boss babe, wife, friend, nurse and human I can be. The rest I give to GOD. I truly can’t control it all and neither can you! I invite you to take a step with me in the right direction without judgement of where we are now.

It really helps when I try to think of my transformational work (ex. all the stuff mentioned above that impacts my well being) as a way to LOVE myself. Not to hate the body or shape I have and not to stay where I’m at either! Just a true place of love and gentleness. Let me tell ya some days its hard as HELL to do it and sometimes I feel like its a breeze. Either way its all part of this beautiful mess called Transformation and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

xoxo, CarolBee