Well, its 2017 and a new year has officially begun! So what are you gonna do with it? Resolutions? Goals?

I was introduced to a new way to think of this time of year by creating a Mantra! A mantra is something that would inspire any action, goals, thoughts, and overall frame of mind for 2017. Not something that I may or may not keep by the time that 2018 rolls around. But instead it could inspire me to search out for what I want my life to look like in this season. A way to create a true theme for this new fresh year. A way to put a message out to the Universe that I was ready to begin again. I know this all might seem a little kooky at first but I really believe that we all get to choose what we would like to experience in this life. Its truly not what happens to you but instead how you decide to react to it and how any situation will manifest itself in your life.

So what did I chose for myself? I decided My 2017 Mantra was Less Clutter and More Connection:) Its something that I think has been a long time coming really. Being in my mid thirties without kids but with a totally awesome hubby can be a little confusing sometimes. I’m not always sure where I fit in my community or even what “category” I fit into.  I also think that connection can get lost in the shuffle of our daily routines and we lose track of each other. Plus I guess I looked up and thought…Am I a good friend, wife, co-worker? I didn’t really know how to answer that, but I knew that I could DEFINITELY improve my connection quotient! So I knew that connection needed to be a big focus for me this year.

I also knew that I needed to clear a TON of clutter from my life. All kinds of clutter! Financial, possessions, spiritual, and even relationship clutter. Anything that was holding me back from being my best self and being at peace. So I planned to start with my possessions. (Which may be due to the Tiny House Marathon that I recently watched and…a Minimalism Documentary. Yeah it got serious after that. hahaha!) My plan is to sort my “stuff” into separate categories, Keep, Toss and Donate! So far I have already sent a big truck of my things with someone that will love them in a new way. It was a super uplifting experience. Its like I felt a big weight off of my shoulders! Plus I plan to downsize to a smaller size apartment near work so that I can clear Time clutter a.k.a my 90 minute drive each way to work as well:)

I’m LOVING this mantra thing already! So far it has moved me to take more action that I think I would have if I just made another to-do list type resolution. I am so excited to see where this takes me!

xoxo, CarolBee