So, its a few weeks into 2017! How’s it going? This Transformation Tuesday post is all about 3 Easy steps to Kick A$$ in 2017. Let’s save you some time and energy, ya?

Step One….Set up the conditions for success! Meaning now matter what your goals or resolutions might be, set up your surrounds or schedule in a way that you are already starting on the right foot. Clear your kitchen on all the yummy foods that aren’t going to nourish you and Clear your schedule of wasted time or things that aren’t in the direction of your goal.

Step Two….Get the Right Support! Surround yourself with people that are going to push your towards success when those waves of doubt coming rolling into town! Listen to positive audios or music. More importantly get those negative people out of your way. I’m not telling you to not love them!  Just love them from a far while you are chasing your goal!

Step Three….Get the Right Accountability! Get a Coach or Mentor that will hold you to the highest version of your self! Get an accountability buddy that you can partner up with to push eachother. Tell the world about your goal as you figure out how to accomplish it!

I hope these tips were useful! I know you can Kick 2017’s A$$ Lets get out there!

xoxo, Coach Carey